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Product Description

Digital Biothesiometer is a digital electronic system with complete mains isolation and does not use mains supply directly to generate oscillations. We export and wholesale Vibrosense as per the clients’ requirements at competitive price. For that, we are counted among the key Digital Bio Thesiometer Suppliers and Exporters from India.

Biothesiometer / VPT / Sensitometer (Vibrosense / Thesiowin) is the-state-of-the art and easy to operate digital Biothesiometer. It is designed keeping in view operator ease, accuracy in reading and patient safety.

Loss of sensation due to neuropathy is the major cause of painless injuries to the feet. Such injuries result into chronic ulcerations and further complications leading to large amputations. Hence early and accurate detection of sensation loss due to neuropathy is the best way to protect the feet from amputation. The vibratory perception threshold at various sites on plantar foot quantifies the loss of sensation. Increase in VPT means diminished sensation and increasing risk. VibroSense is designed as a digital electronic system with complete mains isolation. VibroSense does not use mains supply directly to generate the oscillations. The frequency and amplitude dependency on AC power supply of common biothesiometers is totally eliminated. Generation of vibration is very stable and does not vary from place to place and time to time. Being digital, it gives very accurate readings.

Vibration Perception Threshold In Volts For Both Plantar Feet
  • Toe
  • First metatarsal head
  • Third metatarsal head
  • Fifth metatarsal head
  • Instep heel

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